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So, here is how you please Papa’s Scooperia game: 1. Take order from the customer; 2. Use “stations” to bake cookies and make ice cream; 3. Build the order just like in the ticket; 4. Serve the customer and voila. Sounds easy right? Well It actually is, and it should be, considering Scooperia just like the rest of Papa’s cooking games are primarily designed for kids. However, if you’re serious about the game and you’d like reach highest levels and grow; then it kind of gets hard.

What makes it hard you ask? Honestly, it’s the number of customers you need serve in short periods of time. Everything else is going to be the same. The key to success depends on how fast you can adapt to taking orders in time, because it’s easy to miss a waiting customer when you are busy baking stuff in the kitchen.

Papas Scooperia Game

Play Papas Scooperia, 4.5 out of 5 based on 222 ratings

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  • Emprise


    awesome to play with when bored.


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