Papas Scooperia

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Papa’s Scooperia

About the Game

Papa’s Sooperia – the latest game from Papa Louie’s Menu, despite what many people say, is not a Freezeria clone. Scooperia is an Ice Cream crafting game but with totally unique approach;

First of all, besides the ice cream, you also bake cookies, and making sundaes is kind of different from what you do in Freezeria game.

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What’s New?

Still there’s plenty of new in Scooperia, tons of details that differentiate these two games from each other. While there’s nothing substantially new in Scooperia game, it still looks and feels like fresh and more complete than previous papa’s games. Jump to the Play page and try it yourself! Then let us know how you feel about the Scooperia down in the comments field.

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Papas Scooperia, 4.0 out of 5 based on 67 ratings

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